4 Types of Online Slot Machine

Posted on / Willie Hill

Without any doubt, there are so many choices available when you want to play any online games. The range of slot games is huge enough for you to enjoy the sensation of online gaming. From Progressive Slot, 243 Paylines Slot, Mega Spin Slot to Classic Slot are waiting for you to play. Those 4 Types of Online Slot Machine can be played anytime and anywhere you like.

4 Types of Online Slot Machine

4 Types of Online Slot Machine

4 Types of Online Slot Machine

  1. Progressive Slot

The network in a Progressive Slot machine basically shares one jackpot. It means that every time a player decides to play one of the games provided in this network, the jackpot will only raise until there is a one lucky player that wins the whole jackpot. Commonly, the jackpot can rise into the millions, but it will also depend on how many players have played from the last jackpot was hit. Make sure that you read and understand the rules before start playing since most of the networks there require you to play the entire pay lines and the player with the maximum amount will have the biggest chance to win the jackpot.

  1. 243 Paylines Slot

If think that the more pay lines are better, than this slot machine is the most proper for you than any other free play slot game. Compared to the slots with fewer pay lines, you will have definitely much more opportunities to win in this slot. Not to mention that there will be any extra added although you stake less money and still have the chance to win it regularly

  1. Mega Spin Slot

Technically speaking, Mega Spin Slot will take you to another whole new level of slot gaming. If you just get bored of playing one slot machine, than imagine that you will be playing up to nine games at once. Generally, you have a chance to play between three or nine reels at the same time. Simply click the spin button and all of the slots spin once you have decided about how many coins you will play at once. If you are able to play 45 reels spinning simultaneously, you will have the bigger chance to win. Generally, this kind of online slot uses three reels classic version slot, but in some places you can also find it using five reels classic slot.

  1. Classic Slot

Basically, a Classic Slot also provides three reels. Many players also call this slot as Fruit Machines since you can play as you will in any other slots and this slot uses classic retro fruit symbols. If you are lucky enough, you can go through bonus rounds with more reels, more pay lines and more fuss. In this slot, you can also play a battle of three reels versus five reels slots with more excitement and surely with more payout too.

Those 4 types of online slot machine are only a few of many online slot machine types that can always excite players. The point is you have to understand the rules of each slot machine than the games are more exciting than you may think.