Be satisfied playing these online slot games

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Be satisfied playing these online slot games

Slot games are complete packages. They are easy to play, easy to win, and yet still fun and very addictive. However, after playing a few slot games, their patterns become obvious. Are you looking for something new and fresh? Worry not – Be satisfied playing these online slot games we have listed below.

  • 2 Million B.C

If you are interested on early human story, then you can choose 2 Million B.C.  as your slot game. The stone age story background will give you the easiest exciting game since you will have easy and user-friendly rules and bonus round. Besides of the big jackpot, this game will entertain you visually. With symbols matched with the theme such as jewels, cavewomen, cave painting, and sabertooth. Those symbols will not only lead you to the jackpot, but also to the free spins, bonus level, bonus attack, and so on.

  • Good Girl Bad Girl

Can you imagine playing a game and accompanied with an angel and a devilish girl?  You will get this kind of sensation in this game. With 3D graphic, this game will definitely bring you to the fun and also a big amount of fund. You can choose to follow either good girl or bad girl. Following good girl means that you will get small regular wins. However, if you choose to follow bad girl, you will get fewer wins, but the value will be higher. Which one that you will choose?

  • Greedy Goblins

Have you ever played Once Upon a Time popular slot game? This Greedy Goblin game is the sequel of that game. Now, surely you can imagine the excitement and the quality of the game which is similar to the previous game. Of course the game improves in the matter of graphic that surely will give you more than just standard-quality graphics.

How about the jackpot? Just do not worry, you can get the benefit from the goblins. You can place a bet as many as you want, up to 30 paylines. If you want to try to max out the bet spin, you will need to spend 150 dollars. It seems a lot. However, there is 1.2 million credit of maximum payout, so that amount of course just nothing.

  • Safari Sam

Have a dream to go to Africa and meet its exotic animals and people? Then you can start with Safari Sam slot game. With the good-quality graphic, you can feel the sensation of being in African forest. Instead of hunting animals, you will hunt the jackpot for sure.  With zebras, gorillas, jeeps, lions symbols you will get the excitement because those symbols will give more than just a jackpot but also bonuses that you need to make the jackpot higher.

Their quality should be unquestionable; all of them are reinforced with good graphics, interactive gameplay, and fresh twists nobody will find in any other slot games. It’s no wonder that many bettors got hooked up for them already. Don’t hold back and Be satisfied playing these online slot games tonight!