Play Tiger Warrior and Get More Chance of Winnings

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Earning on slot is easy, but is there no slot game that have better chance on winning? Believe it or not, all game like that actually exist. Try and play Tiger Warrior and get more chance of winnings. This slot game has many bonuses that will get bettors winning more and more.

Play Tiger Warrior and Get More Chance of Winnings

Play Tiger Warrior and Get More Chance of Winnings

Play Tiger Warrior and Get More Chance of Winnings

  • Stunning Graphics

Tiger Warrior is a five-reel 3D video slot. However, unless most slot games, they don’t exaggerate the graphics. Every each of their touches are well made. The game design is quite solid too. You will see that even when they are still using card symbols in the reels, at least they did tweak the design a bit with shiny fonts. But other parts have it better – see the tiger, reel border, and even the border. All of them are well drawn while slightly giving Chinese vibes.

  • Big Bet Range

This slot game is especially lenient on their bet range. They set the lowest limit to half credits and highest being 250 credits. Such wide bet range makes it perfect all-round game. When the player’s wallet is thin, they can do the minimum bet limit each time. Meanwhile, when they player have thicker wallet, they can bet up to the maximum limit. Both ways, the jackpot doesn’t change and everyone still can profit from this slot game.

  • Massive Bonus

There are several bonuses that Tiger Warrior offers:

  • Multiplier

Multiplier bonuses came from the tigers. More tiger got aligned on the reel, more multiplier the slot will give. The biggest multiplier came from the fire tiger. In fact, if a bettor is lucky enough, they can slip away with 2000 times multiplier by getting five fire tiger get aligned all at once.

  • Wild

The wild symbol is presented by long haired warrior. This handsome man with lustrous black hair only appear on the third, fourth, and fifth reel. Just as normal wild, it substitutes other symbol except scatter. They also appear on free spins as well.

  • Scatter

The “虎” character (meaning ‘tiger’ in Chinese) is representing the scatter symbol. They appear on every reel, giving free spins each time it appears. The biggest scatter bonus is 50 bet prizes – which is acquired by getting five scatter symbols aligned at once. The free spins start from 10 (for three scatter symbols), 15 (for four scatters), and 20 (five scatters).

  • Beastly Free Spins

As we have mentioned above, scatter bonus gives away free spins for players. These free spins are not just your usual ones. They are quite powerful on their own. For one, the wins in free spins is multiplied by the total bet bettors have made throughout the gaming session. So, more you bet, the bigger multiplier will occur latter-on.

There really are many aspects that can help bettors win more. Their lavish free spins and awesome wild and scatter bonuses is not something worth missing. Besides, the bet range is big – perfect for every wallet condition. Go and play Tiger Warrior and get more chance of winnings tonight!