Pragmatic Play Journey to the West Slot Game Review

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Pragmatic play journey to the west slot game is one of the slot games, which is very popular nowadays. Have you ever heard about how interesting this best slot game? This is the Pragmatic Play Journey to the West Slot Game Review for you.

Pragmatic Play Journey to the West Slot Game Review

Pragmatic Play Journey to the West Slot Game Review

Pragmatic Play Journey to the West Slot Game Review

What is That?

This game still has relation to the Chinese New Year. It is created to celebrate the Chinese New Year and used the Chinese history as a theme of the game. This game is about getting free spins, which will make you win the money. It has fifteen symbols to be found and played until 25 lines. You get the real coins, based on the casino’s rules only.

How to Play this Game?

This game has very good feature. It has one free spin at the beginning of the game to trigger three or more symbols. The first symbol comes such as the scatters and the wild symbols. The next thing, you have to choose between the four main characters or the wild symbols. If you can match the wild symbols, you will get five free spins.

Where Can You Play?

If you are interested in this game, you can download this game not only on your PC but also on your mobile phone. You can find this game at the casino online games. Therefore, you can play this game everywhere and whenever you want.

How to Win It?

You just need to play it simply. You have to land two symbols there to win it. You need to stack the characters that you chose together until full. You may win the coins start from 10, 30, 100 or even 400. You have to match the characters that came up to the video slot. If all the characters came up, it brings you to bigger chances. Every character there will give you extra coins.

The Characters

This game provides fives characters as the symbols at the game. Each of them has their own prize to multiple your coins. The wild character will come with 1x multiplier, Sun Wukong will give you booster until 2x. Then, Tan Sanzang will give 3x multiplier, Zhu Bajie gives you reward for 4x multiplier. The last character is Sha Wujing, your coin or bet will multiply until 5x.

The Wild Symbol

The wild symbol usually comes to help you win the game. It is because the wild symbol is the strongest characters, which can stay longer. This symbol trigger other characters except scatter symbols. If you can arrange all the five reels with the wild characters and stack them together, you will get the highest prize and more bonuses.

The High Rewards

Another thing that you can do to win the bonuses is winning the epics with the hero characters in the free spin. You may join one of the four hero characters there. You will know the history and story behind the characters. During the game, you will get big gifts from the characters. The gift is given based on your characters.

That is all the review about Pragmatic play journey to the west slot game. You can use the review to help you in understanding the game deeply. Therefore, you can play this game easily and win the bonuses.